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Our Story

We believe that our bodies are designed to be healthy. Yet everyone goes through periods in their life where illness occurs, be it the sniffles and lack of energy from a cold, congestion from pollen in the air, to more life-altering conditions. During these times it is beneficial to provide a stimulus to our body’s innate wisdom and power to give the support it needs to mend. Our goal at Signals is to help your body return to its natural, healthy, feel-good state. 

Signals grew out of the discovery of resonant molecular signals and the theory that lies behind it.

Over four decades ago, Dr. John McMichael was presented with a health issue by a physician he was visiting.  A practicing biology professor at the time, with a Ph.D. in immunology and virology, Dr. McMichael went home to ruminate on a solution. His insightful approach led to a unique technology platform called Resonant Molecular Signaling (RMS). RMS applies the signal from a low dose of a specific molecule(s) to stimulate the body to return to balance.

Forty plus years of experience, testing, and trials later, the RMS platform became the foundation of the Signals innovation — an energetic signal of carefully selected molecules containing information appropriate for each formula is infused into a tablet with natural ingredients that is easy to take. This energetic signal helps gently instruct your body how to return to balance and carry out its normal functions.

What is next? What other signals can be offered?

We keep exploring.