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General FAQ

Where can I learn more about the science behind SIGNALS products? (or: Can you tell me more about resonant molecular signaling?)

  • Our team likes to know the facts too! Here’s a link to our science page

Are SIGNALS products safe to take?

  • Absolutely! Every ingredient in the world can be harmful without the proper dosage and concentration. Our hallmark feature is our attention to detail on this in our products. 

What is in SIGNALS products?

  • *** Various products have different ingredients.

What are the active ingredients in SIGNALS products?

  • *** Various products have different active ingredients.

Why should I take SIGNALS products?

  • SIGNALS works in a revolutionary new method that is completely humanistic and natural. Our product introduces an agent into the body like others, but ours is the only one that signals the cells within your body to wake up and carry out their function rather than relying on a foreign agent to do it. The amazing effects ultimately are coming from the power within your cells!

Are there any side effects when taking SIGNALS products?

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Are SIGNALS products safe for children?

  • SIGNALS are safe for children. The optimal dosage aspect of our product line ensures that a tablet is all that is required for the desired effects in a child and a grown mature adult. 


How To Use

How long after taking SIGNALS products do you start to feel the effects?

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Should I take SIGNALS products with food?

  • *** Fill in

What happens if I take more than the recommended dose?

  • *** Fill in

What happens if I miss a dose? Or a few doses?

  • Nothing. You just missed a dose. You may start to see the symptoms that prompted you to take SIGNALS products return.



Can I take SIGNALS products if I am immunocompromised or have any preexisting conditions?

  • *** Fill in

Are SIGNALS products safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

  • *** Fill in

Can I take different SIGNALS products at once?

  • *** Fill in

Should SIGNALS products replace any medication or supplements I am currently taking?

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Are SIGNALS products compatible with my diet or dietary restrictions?

  • There are no dietary restriction concerns from incorporating SIGNALS into a person’s intake. SIGNALS like everything should be considered when a person is ingesting various medications.

Can I take SIGNALS products with my existing medication?

  • You should always consult your doctor about taking a new supplement when you are on medication.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.