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  • I use 02 tablets to successfully counter exercise-induced asthma. Take one tablet before and immediately after exercise. Rarely take one while exercising.


  • Seasonal allergies usually plague me in the spring and the fall. I have found that by taking a couple of Fresh Air tablets in the morning and the evening I actually forget that I have allergies. Wonderful stuff. Very effective!


  • I was suffering from a head cold with a headache and clogged sinuses. I took a tablet and within 2-3 minutes my sinuses cleared. My head-ache dissipated after about 10 minutes. I took 2 more tablets during the course of the next day, I had no more symptoms.


  • The Fresh Air mints were given to me in a really dire time - days before my wedding. Up until that point, I was with severe allergies. I don't know how it happened, but by the time my wedding day showed up, my chronic headache was nearly gone. I can say with confidence is that I got my life back. I can work throughout the day again, my head is clear and my energy is up. I was completely desperate and miserable for months, and Fresh Air genuinely turned that around for me.