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Resonant Molecular Signals

Information Therapy Your Stomach Can Digest

  • What is Resonant Molecular Signaling?
    • “Resonant molecular signaling is a method we describe as using a therapeutic agent to stimulate a cascade of events that will result in restoring balance in and between cells”
  • How was resonant molecular signaling discovered?
  • How does RMS work in the products?
    • This where we could mention or touch on different ingredients that initiate the process
    • Also touch on different forms that it can be ingested.
    • The drops are expensive to make though just as effective, so the solution that was devised was to capture the energy signature of the TML and infuse that into tablets or drops.
      • “Interesting because there is no TML in the tablet but just the energy signature of the TML”
      • “We’re getting down to the basics of bridging biochemistry and biophysics”
  • What are the side effects of such therapy treatments?
  • How can we use resonant molecular signaling?
    • Paraphrase all the specific uses of RMS within the products
    • Talk about the potential for this research to go further and what it could do or hint about what next product is coming